Terms & conditions

These terms are an understanding among us. It would be ideal if you read them. They apply to your utilization of the bot, including any updates to the bot, except if the bot distributer gives you separate terms, in which case those terms apply. We imply the substance making the bot accessible to you.


By tolerating these terms, you speak to that you are at any rate 18 years of age or have arrived at the time of greater part where you live, if that is over 18 years old. In the event that you are under 18 or have not arrived at such period of lion’s share, your parent or legitimate watchman must acknowledge these terms for your sake.

On the off chance that you consent to these terms, you have the rights beneath:

USE: You may utilize the bot for the sole motivation behind cooperating with the administration gave by the bot distributer on the stage. The bot distributer holds every other right.

Limitations: You may not:

Work around any specialized impediments of the bot;

Adjust, figure out or in any case modify the bot (but to the degree this is approved by pertinent law despite this constraint);

Utilize the bot in any capacity disallowed by law, guideline, legislative request or pronouncement;

Utilize the bot to:

slander, misuse, disturb, tail, undermine, or in any case disregard the lawful rights, (for example, privileges of protection and exposure) of others;

take part in movement that is bogus or misdirecting or that is hurtful to you, others (counting kids), or the bot (e.g., sending infections, conveying abhor discourse, or pushing savagery against others);

share wrong substance, publicizing, spam, spyware or malware;

increase (or endeavor to increase) unapproved access to any assistance, information, record or system using any and all means.

Encroach upon the privileges of others;

Utilize the bot anyplace other than the stage where the bot distributer has made it accessible, except if the bot distributer has empowered such employments;

Evacuate, change, or mess with any notification or connection that is joined into the bot.

End: If bot distributer accepts that you are utilizing the bot or that you are infringing upon these terms, it might suspend or end your entrance to bot distributer’s administration with or without notice. This may bring about lost your information.

YOUR CONTENT: You award to bot distributer the option to utilize any substance that you submit through the bot as vital for bot distributer to offer the support to you.

Innovation AND EXPORT RESTRICTIONS. The bot might be dependent upon global innovation control or fare laws and guidelines. You should agree to all household and global fare laws and guidelines that apply to the innovation utilized or bolstered by the bot.

Bolster SERVICES. Contact the bot distributer to decide whether any help administrations are accessible.

CHANGES TO TERMS. Bot distributer may refresh these terms of utilization whenever by revising this page. If it’s not too much trouble check this page every once in a while to pay heed to any changes, as they are official on you.

Whole AGREEMENT. This understanding and any pertinent security strategy are the whole understanding among you and the bot distributer.

Pertinent LAW.

The laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan oversee the understanding of these terms, claims for break of them, and every single other case (counting purchaser security, out of line rivalry, and misdeed claims), paying little mind to strife of law standards.

Lawful EFFECT. This understanding portrays certain legitimate rights. You may have different rights under the laws of your state or nation. This understanding doesn’t change your privileges under the laws of your state or nation if the laws of your state or nation don’t allow it to do as such.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. The bot and the administration got to through the bot are given “with no guarantees” “with all issues” and “as accessible”. You bear the hazard with respect to its quality and execution. The bot distributer gives no express guarantees, assurances, or conditions corresponding to the bot. To the degree allowed under your neighborhood laws, Bot distributer prohibits any suggested guarantees or conditions, including those of merchantability, readiness for a specific reason and non-encroachment.

Impediment ON AND EXCLUSION OF REMEDIES AND DAMAGES. To the degree not restricted by law, on the off chance that you have any reason for recuperating harms, you can recoup from the bot distributer just direct harms up to the sum you paid for the bot or PKR 1.00, whichever is more noteworthy. You won’t, and forgo any option to, try to recoup some other harms, including noteworthy, lost benefits, unique, roundabout or accidental harms from the bot distributer. On the off chance that your neighborhood laws force a guarantee, assurance or condition despite the fact that these terms don’t, its span is constrained to 90 days from when you start utilizing the bot.

This constraint applies to:

Anything identified with the bot or administrations made accessible through the bot; and

Cases for penetrate of agreement, guarantee, assurance, or condition; exacting obligation, carelessness, or other misdeed; infringement of a resolution or guideline; treacherous improvement; or under some other hypothesis; all to the degree allowed by material law.

This impediment applies regardless of whether:

This cure doesn’t completely remunerate you for any misfortunes; or

The bot distributer knew or ought to have thought about the chance of the harms.