Why PVC Tape Is Not Sticking? Let’s Figure Out


Some products can give you discomfort and make you dissatisfied even if you buy after spending hours in research. It is not wrong if we say that PVC tapes in Pakistan are one of them. You might have experienced that these adhesive tapes work once, but when you use it for the next time, you fail. Sometimes, even the new tapes can make you more furious because there is no substitution of it. 

The manufacturers understand it, but no one asks them about the reasons. They generally have no forum on which they can give their opinion. To help both the manufacturers and users who want to understand how an adhesive tape works, we will explain why tapes do not stick in different situations and how it can be handled. 

Choose The Right PVC Tape In Pakistan For The Right Job 

Before we start explaining the reasons, we need to understand that the manufacturers manufacture a huge range of PVC and adhesive tapes and we must know our need before buying it. If a tape is not made for any particular task, it means that it will not support there. 

Another important aspect is that the alternative of each tape is available in the market and you can choose it after confirming whether it is useful or not. 

Let’s figure out the reasons due to which PVC tapes fail to perform! 

Even A Tape Has An Expiry Date! 

If your tape has been working exceptionally well for you and has not created issues till now, it means that it has not expired, but it does not always happen, you need to change it. Although you can use PVC tape for years if these are in rolls, with the passage of time, it deteriorates and therefore, we need to replace it. We can explain it by saying that the tape, which is not sticking, is no more tape now. 

Is PVC Tape Used For A Specific Material Or Not? 

Different materials act differently when adhesive or PVC tape is attached because each material has its own scientific properties. You need to choose the specific type of tape for getting the required results; otherwise, you will not get the desired results.  

Are You Ready To Use It? 

Sometimes, your hands create issues as there may be oil, grease or some other materials, which affect the adhesive. You need to wash your hands before using PVC tape in Pakistan to get the best results from it. 

Do you know the proper application of PVC tape?  

Follow the instructions while applying the tape. There is a need for a certain amount of pressure and for that; the best practice is to use pressure-sensitive tapes. Placing it tightly is not the solution as it does not provide many bonds and instead of it, applying pressure performs a task to establish a strong bond. 

Does Temperature Affect The Performance? 

Yes, it does! In the extreme temperature whether it is cold or hot, the performance of PVC tape changes. You need to keep the temperature normal and the place must not be very cool or very hot to get the acquired results. 

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