Why Do LED Lights Flicker?


What is the reason behind LED lights flickering? Well, it is quite easier to understand for the simple reason behind it is the fluctuation of light input. When you have a dimmable LED, it means that you have those light-emitting diodes which have the option of increasing and decreasing light. When there is a fluctuation, the process becomes speedier.

We will discuss it in detail here.

Although we do not observe it frequently, it happens with all lighting devices, whether these are incandescent, halogens, fluorescent or LED bulbs. It happens generally when there is a fluctuation but you will not experience it if you are living in a developed country. In the third world and developing countries, you face this situation and therefore, the people do not bother it.

With incandescent bulbs, we didn’t notice the flickering because the residual heat of these bulbs kept the filament glowing and therefore when we experienced it with the LED lights in Pakistan, we felt that it was a new thing which was happening. It is actually the side-effect of traditional bulbs because it is fluctuation which wastes 90% of incandescent bulbs.

There is a need of debunking a common misconception. We must understand that LED flicker is due to electricity. But there are some people around who think that it can be avoided. They say that if we can provide constant power input to our electronic devices.

The above-described fact is not a complete truth. Generally, all mains-powered lights flicker and it is happening all the time. If this issue is with all lights, why people always blame to LED lights only?

We must know that LED lights have no persistence. Due to this particular reason, it switches off instantly when light input stops. It does not happen with all lighting options and therefore, people consider LED light flicker is an issue. If you have connected it directly to AC mains-electricity supply, it will flicker 50 times a second and human eye can observe it quite easily.

Now, I think you get to know the actual reason behind it. In the past, this issue was quite common, but now, we can address it. LED you will not connect your LED lights in Pakistan directly to the main supply, you will not face this issue. Instead, LED light manufacturers added LED driver, especially and therefore, this issue has been removed. Although some people think that it is not totally resolved, but still, we can claim that it is not a big issue anymore.

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