What You Do Not Know About LEDs In Pakistan?


LED lights are the most popular and accepted form of lighting, whether you want to install them in your home or office. You will find a long life expectancy, normal pricing, and great efficiency when you will have LED lights in Pakistan. These lights have been available for many years, but in recent time, there is a boom in the Pakistani and international market.

But still, there are people around us who have doubts in their mind about LEDs. For them, it is a need to describe all those facts which are still not available. For electricians, wholesalers or laymen, we are describing those facts which were not known previously.

Easy to Fit

Although the electricians claim that it is difficult to install LEDs when you need fixtures or fittings, but you can fix the majority of these lights in existing fittings. You can put all LED bulbs in existing fitting and you do not need to hire a professional for help. These bulbs are also economical and provide you the un-matched illumination.

Value for Money

It is true that LEDs were very expensive in the past, compared to halogen lights. But now, we find that the prices of LED lamps and fittings have fallen aggressively. There is not a huge difference when we compare these lights with CFLs and energy savers in Pakistan. The lifespan of an LED bulb is another plus because once you install, you need to replace it after a long time. So, you are saving money in two ways; you are buying it in lower prices and you will enjoy its light for a longer time.

Multiple Options

People also think that they will have limited options when they use LED bulbs instead of traditional lighting. The fact is that this issue has also been resolved because you can buy a light according to your mind, the temperature you want in your home or office, directional qualities you want on different occasions and brightness you acquire in different timings. These options are those ones which were just a thought before.

Last Longer

The electricians normally do not tell you that LED bulbs in Pakistan are last longer and can remain with you longer than the traditional lights. The experts claim that these bulbs can be with you up to 50,000 hours. This is almost 50 times more than the typical incandescent bulbs. The customers will love it, but the suppliers do not like it because they think that their sales will affect a lot.

Buy Online

This facility has been available in the international market for many years, but now, you can avail this opportunity in Pakistan also. You will find websites like www.baraka.com.pk in Pakistan, where you will enjoy the same quality, prices, and features which are available for those who go to the market and buy from there. A simple search of products will take you to the list of products from where you can choose your favorite one and find it at your doorstep just after clicking a few steps.

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