LED Tube Light VS Normal Tube Light


Normal tube lights have been around us for decades and it seems like that these lights will remain with us forever.  We love this lighting option because it provides us with an affordable lighting option with a calm feeling. Therefore, we prefer installing these lights in offices, houses, warehouses, shops, hallways, hospitals, and educational institutes even today. However, this is the high time when we should weigh all the available lighting options in the market and choose the best solution.

The best alternative of normal fluorescent tube light is LED tube light in Pakistan, which is comparatively not only better in performance, but also fits into every budget. How can we prove it to you?

Well, overall, LED lights are the best alternative of other lighting options and provide you with the quality that has never been available before.

Though there are significant differences between conventional and LED lighting options, there are three main areas where LED tube lights are different from normal tube lights. Let’s discuss all!

Energy Consumption

While buying, we find LED tube lights in Pakistan are bit more expensive, but realistically, LED tube light creates a difference in energy consumption that can be easily gauged in electricity bill. Normally, we have 36 or 440-watt normal fluorescent tube light, but when we talk about LED, we will get the better illumination of light with even 16 or 20 watts. It means we not only save electricity, but also get affordable energy bills.

Lighting Performance

LED tube lights have better white light capabilities in the comparison of normal tube lights. LED tube lights give a day light closer to a day-time and do not flicker as well. Factually, a traditional tube light of 32 watts provides 1800 lumens while in comparison, 16 watt LED tube light produces 1900 lumens.

Light Efficiency

Light efficiency can be measured from lumens used per watt. In the above discussion, we find that by using half watt, we can get better lumens from LED light. When we calculate the light efficiency of traditional tube light, we find it 53 (1800 lumens/ 34 watts). On the other hand, we find energy efficiency doubled with LED tube lights and that is 119 (1900 lumens/ 16 watts).

Above comparison clearly tells us that LED tubes hold the advantage and we can consider them an overall lighting solution. The LED tube lights are a clear cut winner here and the above discussion tells us that this lighting option is not only affordable but also has a good impact on the environment.


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