LED Or SMD Lights – What’s The Difference?


LED lighting technology is passing through an evolutionary phase at the moment. This evolution in technology is obvious as the inventions mature after numerous experiments. The purpose of introducing variations in LED lights is to improve its features and performance. Through these variations, a new technology named SMD was introduced recently with some extra features and we are going to look into those features and compare it with LED lights.

What Are LED Lights?

Before getting information about SMD lights, we need to know about LED lights. It is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. We all know about light emission, but Diode is an unknown term for most of us. It is basically a two-terminal component in electronics in which current enters and uses only one direction. We can find these components around us in which fuse and a piece of wire are included. It means that LED emits light with the help of properly installed electric components named Diode. There is a proper electrical circuit in it which performs the whole duty.

How To Define SMD Lights?

It will be easier to understand SMD Lights In Pakistan as we have the information of LED lights now. SMD is an abbreviation for Surface-Mount Device. The manufacturers introduced this lighting technology for the purpose of saving space. Traditional “through hole” was the part of our life before the introduction of SMD lights in Pakistan. But the smaller sized SMD’s have taken the place of traditional lighting options as these are more efficient and effective.

SMD’s are surface mountable and therefore have got the acceptance from those users who use electric boards. Previously, the cathode and anode were in use, but with this new technology, the companies are introducing diodes of very small size or there is none like that.

Why SMD Lights Are Different?

It is a matter of fact that LED lights are improving day by day to provide versatility and efficiency. Different models are available in the market which is getting acceptance from the users. The latest development in LED lighting technology is the introduction of SMD lights in Pakistan.

1. The biggest achievement of these lights is higher lumpen output with energy efficiency. This feature multiplies the power of LED lighting and we can move to the most advanced products now.

2. The beam angle is another plus of SMD lights. The beam angle of these lights can up to 120 degrees, which is even larger than most of the halogen bulb.

3. SMD lights are smarter and have a long lifespan. The life can almost be double to the traditional lighting, which means more efficiency for a longer time period.

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