Is Reliability Of LED Lights A Scaring Factor For You?


As Halloween just passed away, one factor still haunts a normal consumer about reliability of the LED lights. Will they actually give proper light, will they last for long, will it be a good choice to pick a known brand like Philips, orient and Baraka? Well, selecting a branded LED bulb is a wise choice to make.

In the following post, we will help you guide how to plan installing LED lights in steps.

Step 1: LED Bulbs and Lights Awareness

You need to get maximum information about LED lights before deciding the replacement. Generally, we have halogens and CFLs in our homes, but currently, the best LED lighting options are the branded ones otherwise others don’t last for long. The more information a consumer gets the more he will know the benefit of a good LED light brand and a spooky one.

Let’s explore some of them!

  • These are energy-efficient.
  • Their life-span is longer than the CFLs and halogens.
  • Brightness and illumination are also better.
  • LED lights emit less heat.
  • The elements used in LED lights are not toxic.
  • These can be dimmable.

Step 2: Natural Light is The Best in LED Bulbs

Before installing LED lighting in your home, you must understand the quality of natural light in your room. Proper inspection helps you include the quantity and lumens of lights in your home. It also improves the brightness in your room and helps you illuminate everything you require there.

Step 3: Understand the Color Temperature Requirements in a LED bulb

In Pakistan, the temperatures are higher than the European countries and therefore, you need to understand the temperature requirement in your room. It also depends on the paint color as well. If you have warm tones in your room, you need warmer color temperatures. On the other hand, if color tone is cooler, cooler temperature will suit your room more.

Step 4: Choose the spot and continuous lights accordingly

At some places, SMD LED lights in Pakistan suit more, but at some other places, we need continuous lights. We need to decide it before replacing traditional lighting options with LED lighting.

Step 5: The Best LED Lights for Kitchen and Bathrooms

We also need to select the best suitable lights for our kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is the main area where we need to be very choosy while selecting light. The reason is that we need clarity and brightness there and if it is not, our women will always complain of it.

If you have planned to replace the halogens and CFLs with LED lights, you need to make sure that you are buying the best quality of lights with maximum illuminations and full lumens. It will help you enjoy more in your home where everything will give a shiny, prominent and pleasant look to you and your guests.

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