How To Install LED Strip Lighting In Your Room?


What type of room did you want in your home? Well, most of us want to have an ambient, intimate, comfortable and fully functional area to spend a wonderful time. Lighting plays a major role to show that the room is fully functional. That is why; we recommend LED lighting for you in Pakistan.

When you have decided to use economical and eco-friendly LED lights and left conventional incandescent bulbs and CFLs, it is recommended to have LED strip lights in Pakistan for giving a bright and unique look to your room.

For getting a perfect solution to your place, you need durability, colors and safety. The LED tape is a perfect solution to handle all these issues because it performs tremendously. We will guide you in the following post about the complete installation process. It will not only help you install it by yourself but also understand what an electrician is doing while installing.

• For LED strip lights, you need a proper channel where you will fix this light. It is normally in the ceiling to provide you maximum illumination. As it is not available already, you need to cut the channel of required length before installation.

• Now, the next step is to install the LED tap. You will install it into the recess channel.

• A groove is required in the ceiling if you want to fit lights so, rout out the groove. Some people use silicon for it because they want security while fitting lights.

• The next step is to wire up to the driver. If you want dimmable lights, you will add a Mi light receiver. This option helps you dim the light according to the different timings and as per your requirement. LED strip lights with the latest technology in Pakistan also help you control it through your smartphone and internet connection.

• That’s all! Now you have fully functional warm white lights with a dimmable option.
So, if you want to give a unique and beautiful look to your room in 2018, you need to install LED strip lights right now and feel awesome.

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