How To Increase The Life Of Rechargeable Lights?


Rechargeable lights in Pakistan have been the part of our life for many years. The energy crisis is common in many developing and third world countries and therefore, you will find rechargeable lights everywhere. The only issue of these lights is the lifespan as mostly, the companies do not accept the warranty claim of these lights.

You can use high-quality rechargeable lights in Pakistan for almost two to seven years, but in some cases, you can enjoy just a few days with them and need to buy a new one. To increase the life of these lights and save your money, you need to follow the given guidelines.

  • Do not try to overcharge the light. If you will do it, the time span of these lights will decrease, which will ultimately be the cause of worn-out light source.

  • Never overheat your rechargeable lights. It is normally written on all rechargeable items but we do not bother it. It is a must, not to incinerate these lights in any case.

  • Keep these lights away from moisture as it damages the quality of light.

  • When you have bought a rechargeable light, you need to charge it first before using it. These lights come in discharging state and therefore, have not been in use for quite a long time. The best results can only be achieved if these are charged properly before starting to use it.

  • Avoid dropping these lights. It will help you avoid exposure of corrosive contents.

  • A short-circuit can be a cause in many cases of damaging these lights. Do not let the ends touch and keep the lights in the neatly organized form.

  • Mix and match is another cause through which we need to replace the rechargeable lights more frequently. Always use the same brand and chemistry if anyone of them needs to change.

  • If your rechargeable light is not in use for a month or more, you need to remove it from charging point and store in a dry and cool place.

  • Use only specifically designed charging points for your lights to secure your rechargeable lights.

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