How Do LED Bulbs In Pakistan Work?


As we have accepted LED lights in Pakistan as the best alternative of incandescent bulbs and CFLs, so this is for sure that we will find LED bulbs in abundance in the years to come. We see LED lights on our bikes, cars, at traffic signals, and on roads. We also know that this lighting option is the best available option that helps us live with better illumination and brightness.

Some years back, we knew only the name of LED lights, but now, we know that these can help us keep the electricity bill in control. These lights make everything around our eyes beautiful. These lights have a long life span and we get full lumens in fewer watts. But, we do not exactly know the functionality of an LED and how does it work in our homes.

In the following post, we will tell you what an LED is and how LED bulb works for you.

What is an LED?

Scientifically, LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. We can fit it in the electronics sector as a semiconductor. It helps electrons to move from it. The current can be carried by this semiconductor if we will provide it electricity to it. It can take the electric current in one direction.

How do these bulbs work?

We need some basic information about the working of LED bulbs. The manufacturers make it with two materials and we give them the name of N-type and P-type materials. The engineers prepare N-type material in such a way that it contains extra electrons. They charge these electrons as well. In P-type materials, there are holes, which want charged electrons, which will fill with extra electrons.

Science students know that electrons move from a negatively charged area to positively charged area. When we activate current, these electrons start moving toward the positively charged area. This activity helps energy generate and release units of light named photons.

Normally, these are electrons, which provide illumination to our eyes and we are able to see the things around. The basic concept is the same, but the working of LED lights in Pakistan is different, although electrons are a permanent part of all lighting options.

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