Discussing The Differences Between Normal And LED Tube Lights


It is hard to find any significant difference between LED and normal lights with naked eyes, except the structural ones. However, manufactures and the people who belong to the lighting industry know all about structural, functional and performance differences. In the following post, we give you the insight to help you distinguish between the two lighting option and the advantages of LED tube lights in Pakistan. 

Different Materials 

To get state-of-the-art functionality, LED light manufacturers in Pakistan to use polycarbonate lens, aluminum backbone and the best quality electric components. All these materials are non-hazardous and non-toxic, which means you live in a beautiful environment while using LED tube lights.  

In fluorescent tube lights, the most important materials are mercury, metal, glass, and plastic. Glass can be dangerous in case of any breakage. The other materials like mercury are hazardous in nature and can create health issues inside the room. 


LED tube lights can spend years with you and some companies even claim that these lights will remain with you for around 70000 hours that is huge. Traditional tube lights, on the other hand, spend almost three to five years with you because the expected life is around 10000 to 12000 hours. 


LED tube lights are recyclable and you can utilize all the materials used in its manufacturing. Conventional tube lights have plastic, mercury, and glass that are toxic and hazardous, and cannot be recycled efficiently and easily. 


LED tube lights help you decrease the electricity bills and increase the brightness quite efficiently. A 26 watt LED tube light in Pakistan gives you 125 to 150 lumens per watt. On the other hand, fluorescent tubes can only give 50-100 lumens per watt to you. 


It is quite a difficult job to install a fluorescent tube light. The reason behind it is not only the rod but also the ballast. We need to give maintenance both to the rod and ballast simultaneously, which makes the whole installation process hectic. 

LED tube light manufacturers provide us the direct-fit installation model (UL Type A) that is the easiest way of installing a tube light. You can also fix retrofitting LED lights in the fluorescent tube fixtures as well. 

Color Rendering 

The resemblance of LED lights in Pakistan with natural sunlight makes it the best choice for our rooms. The reason behind it is that these lights present all spectrums of color to produce the whitest color. 

The color wavelength of conventional tube lights, spike at blue, red and green, which makes the white color harshly rendered. Natural white color shows smoothness and it is not there when you fluorescent tube lights. 


The above discussion proves that LED tube lights are more efficient, reliable, illuminated and secure. This option will not only save your money but also improve your living style as well.

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