Guidelines for claiming LED Light component replacement in warranty:

  • Item must be purchased via, if the item has been purchased from a retail outlet or another partner online store, the customer will have to claim the warranty via their retailer.

Note: To verify this, the customer must have the original receipt of the purchase, without the receipt the customer cannot claim his/her warranty.

  • The Warranty will become null and void in case the ‘Baraka’ product was given to an unauthorized service center for repairing.
  • Claims made within the terms and conditions of the warranty will only be entertained after detailed checking and analysis of the ‘Baraka Pakistan’ product by the authorized/certified technicians of the Company. The customer will have to bear the cost of transportation to and from the Company’s service center.
  • The Company and the customer agree that there will be no complete replacement of the ‘Baraka LED Lights’ whatsoever. Only claims within terms and conditions of the warranty will be entertained
  • In case of warranty claim Company’s decision will be final. All correspondence regarding claims should be made to the head office of the Company.
  • The Company and the customer agree to the jurisdiction of courts (Lahore only) in case of any legal dispute.

For further information contact your regional office or branch through the contact us page or consult with the representatives (customer support) of the company at (042) 111 111 660.

When can I claim component replacements?

Baraka Pakistan offers a component replacement warranty of 1 year for all LED Lights displayed on the website.

Can I claim a warranty for physically damaged products?

Baraka Pakistan does not provide any accidental warranty. If the product is damaged through misuse, the customer cannot claim a replacement warranty.

How does Baraka validate a warranty claim?

Baraka employs on-site technicians who will be able to assess the warranty claim for a particular product. In cases where the product will require further evaluation, the customer will have to bear the cost of transporting the product to the nearest (Baraka) dealer shop. Once the product is received at the dealer shop, our technicians will then assess the product fault and validate or invalidate the warranty claim.

How much time does it take to get a LED Light component replacement?

Depending on the location, components may need to be shipped to the engaged dealer shop. This can take the course of a normal delivery time (5-7 days). Once the component is received, the dealer shop will then replace the faulty LED Light component and test the product. Once the product is found to be operating at expected efficiency the product will be delivered to the customer. The customer may be required to pay service and transportation charges separately.