Why To Prefer LED Lights Over Traditional Lighting Option?


The bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of low price͟ is an old saying, but it is still effective. The same is the case with poor quality lights, which can steal the peace and comfort of your home quietly.

LED lighting technology in Pakistanis not very new for most of us, but still, we do not know the exact features and functions of these lights. The confusion multiplies when the manufacturers of LED lights in Pakistan claim that they consider lumens instead of watts. Therefore, there is a need for awareness developed by the light manufacturers among the masses.

Normally, an incandescent bulb of 100 watts produces 8000 to 13000 lumens while we can achieve the same target with the help of 24 to 30 watts of CFL, but when we consider LED lights, we need only 18 watts. It means the actual cost of an LED light is well below our expectation. But there are still numerous people who consider watts while buying lights, although they need to understand that these are lumens, which matter in this regard.

A light with cheap rates is an attraction for the buyer, but when he installs it, it does not last as long as he expects. Therefore, he needs to pay twice as he will have to replace it. It means a buyer does not save money this way; rather he has to bear the additional cost. Therefore, when people get to know that with less power, more brightness and reduced maintenance, LED lights in Pakistan are better, they will definitely move to this new technology.

Some other factors are also important in this regard. We bear the cost of low production while using incandescent bulbs and CFLs. With the passage of light, the production of lumens in traditional lights also decreases. These lights also emit heat more than the light and due to these reasons; the cost of these lights multiplies. These lights also create issues for health and safety and therefore, we want to encourage people to shift their lighting sources to the new technology named LED

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