Take Away Eidi From Baraka Pakistan By Visiting It’s Amazing Deals


Lahore, 2nd July 2018 – Baraka Pakistan launched amazing deals of LED Lights for the very first time on their website on Eid. These deals got great success and people took great interest in it. This huge success encouraged Baraka and they decided to continue it until the next announcement. It is the great opportunity for all those who want LED bulb in their houses but complain about higher prices in Pakistan.

The concept of installation of LED lights is new in Pakistan and the companies are trying to develop awareness about this technology among Pakistanis. These lights not only help the buyers save energy, reduce electricity bills and get maximum illumination, but also have almost the double lifespan when we compare them with other traditional lighting options. These lights are wonderful for those areas where we find darkness even when there are many CFLs or incandescent bulbs because LED lights are unidirectional in nature.

Baraka Pakistan is determined to develop a sense of awareness among the people about LED lights and for that, have taken numerous measures. Baraka publishes details in Urdu about LED lights on the boxes and this activity helps the buyers know how these lights work. They have launched amazing deals of LED lights in Pakistan for the very first time and the basic purpose behind these deals is also to increase the awareness and understanding about this technology. The success of this offer approves that people are now informed about it and are ready to replace their traditional lights with LED lighting technology in Pakistan.


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