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    Let there be LED Lights in Pakistan

    What do you think about light? Your answers will be of generic value, but illumination levels, color, heat emission, cost and directional will be a part of your information. The fact is that these are only a few parameters and you cannot give a clear viewpoint through these words. The manufacturers and designers think well
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    LED Or SMD Lights – What’s The Difference?

    LED lighting technology is passing through an evolutionary phase at the moment. This evolution in technology is obvious as the inventions mature after numerous experiments. The purpose of introducing variations in LED lights is to improve its features and performance. Through these variations, a new technology named SMD was introduced recently with some extra features
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    The Impact Of LED Lights On Our Lives And Environment In Pakistan

    Taking care of human lives and the environment is our mutual responsibility. Everyone should be held responsible if the environmental changes impact the human lives. Most of us are already aware of it and therefore, the environment-friendly processes have already been introduced in form of recycling materials, managing wastes, and reduction of carbon footprint. But,
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    Costing Of LED Lighting In Pakistan

    When the decision of switching to LED lights from traditional one is taken, people usually become skeptical due to the cost. It is because LED lights in Pakistan are expensive as compared to the traditional lights. When customers get to know about the prices of LED lights, they tend to think one more time before
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    LED Lights – The Perfect Solution of Electricity Bills in Pakistan

    Electricity bills are the biggest concerns for most of the Pakistanis at the moment. It is due to the electric shortage which has been the major concern for most of the governments in Pakistan and to overcome this issue, expensive solutions have to be adopted and due to that, the bills increased so much that