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    How Do LED Bulbs In Pakistan Work?

    As we have accepted LED lights in Pakistan as the best alternative of incandescent bulbs and CFLs, so this is for sure that we will find LED bulbs in abundance in the years to come. We see LED lights on our bikes, cars, at traffic signals and on roads. We also know that this lighting
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    How To Understand The Difference Between Watts And Lumens?

    Most of us judge light bulbs through watts and buy the required one after knowing the wattage we need. Generally, when we visit a hardware or grocery store, we always ask to buy a bulb of different watts, not lumens. But, factually watts does matter only in electricity bills. Within the lighting industry, we use
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    LED Lighting To Be Used In A Living Room

    It is a home where you truly live. And it is a living room where you spend the most beautiful time of your day. Your family watches movies and favorite TV programs here and kids play around you. If your home is an oasis, living room provides the fresh water to make your day full
  • Why do LED Lights flicker

    Why Do LED Lights Flicker?

    What is the reason behind LED lights flickering? Well, it is quite easier to understand for the simple reason behind it is the fluctuation of light input. When you have a dimmable LED, it means that you have those light-emitting diodes which have the option of increasing and decreasing light. When there is a fluctuation,
  • How To Increase The Life Of Rechargeable Lights?

    Rechargeable lights in Pakistan have been the part of our life for many years. The energy crisis is common in many developing and third world countries and therefore, you will find rechargeable lights everywhere. The only issue of these lights is the lifespan as mostly, the companies do not accept the warranty claim of these