Amazing Discount Deals By Baraka For Illuminating This Eid-ul-Azha In Pakistan


Lahore, 21st August 2018 – Baraka Pakistan has decided to continue its amazing discount deals of LED and SMD lights in Pakistan for its online buyers.

Baraka Pakistan is one of the most renowned and established suppliers of LED and SMD lights in the country at the moment. Baraka is a leading supplier of energy savers, emergency lights and PVC tape as well. Although the concept of LED lights is a new one, Pakistanis are now well aware of this option and now converting their existing light fixtures and traditional lights to LED lights. To create awareness among the Pakistanis up to the maximum level, Baraka has decided to take some exciting and attractive steps and Amazing Discount Deals is one of them.

Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis for the last many years and Baraka understands it. To cater this issue, it has introduced some wonderful lighting solutions in the Pakistani market, which will not only help the country save energy, reduce the heat level emitted by the conventional lighting options, but also provide the better illumination.

To help Pakistanis save electricity, Baraka has been introducing discount deals on a regular basis. It introduced Amazing Discount Deals on the Independence Day for a week. Now, the company has decided to continue it on Eid-UL-Azha as well to encourage the people to shop more and help the country overcome the energy crisis.

Following offers are available for the online buyers in Pakistan:

Deal 1: 3 LED bulbs of size 12 in PKR570
Deal 2: 2 LED bulbs of size 5 + 2 LED bulbs of size 12 in PKR 670
Deal 3: 1 LED bulb of size 18 + 2 LED bulbs of size 12 in PKR 740
Deal 4: LED tube fixture of size 20 in PKR 620
Deal 5: 3 LED bulbs of size 5 in PKR 510
Deal 6: 6 LED bulbs of size 18 in PKR 1,060
Deal 7: 6 LED tube fixtures of size 20 in PKR 2,900
Deal 8: 12 LED bulbs of size 12 in PKR 1,999
Is there any better offer than these amazing deals? If no, you must decide now to replace the conventional lights with LED light. For more details, you can visit or call at +92 321 4812974 or +92 321 4239999 for coordinating with the customer care department of Baraka Pakistan.

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